Hi! My name is Andrew Tsao.

I'm a software engineer experienced in building user-focused applications using React-Redux, Angular, and Sass/PostCSS on the front end as well as Node/Express and Mongo on the backend.

Reddit Reader - A Streamlined Feed

Reddit Reader

Reddit Reader is a responsive web application for readers to view front page posts, one subreddit, or however many subreddits they want to view in a streamlined, clean feed.

Gourmand - A Personal Food Log


Gourmand is a mobile web application for fine food and drink enthusiasts to track what they've tried, add notes to their specific tastings, and rate their experiences.

If you'd like to test out the app, log in with: demo(at)example(dot)com and demo.

FeedFuse - Blended Hashtag Search


FeedFuse is an app for blending social media hashtag searches into one feed.

SprintPal - A Sprint Tool


SprintPal is a web application for agile teams to rate tasks in real-time during sprint planning. Using Websockets and Highcharts, the agile team is able to visualize vote distribution. After all votes are in, an average complexity rating for the task is displayed.

PickPal - Decision Tool


PickPal is an app to help you decide where to eat, drink, or visit by leaving the choice out of your hands!